domenica 15 aprile 2012


NordaSud multiperfomative event, art director: Simone Franco - images: Stina Wirsèn and Orodè Deoro - words: Simone Giorgino, Håkan Jäder and Simone Franco - music: Emanuele Coluccia and Resi Hasa.
The hug between two so far countries was celebrated in a very great way, with grace and wonder thanks to the poetry of two charm poets, Tomas Tranströmer and Vittorio Bodini, and  talent of those who participated, italian and swedish people in an universal language: the Art.

Thanks to 

Stina Wirsèn
Håkan Jäder
Simone Franco
Orodè Deoro
Simone Giorgino
Emanuele Coluccia
Redi Hasa

Thanks to the people who believes in this significant meetings
Milena Galeoto

 Tomas Tranströmer' letter

Corriere della sera ' tribute

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