sabato 7 aprile 2012

NordaSud event, April 14th - Lecce

With the sponsorship of the Culture Departments  of  Lecce and Province , Salento University (Department Humanistic Studies) and Sigismondo Castromediano Museum Broedizioni with Multidisciplinary Art, present:

A day dedicated to the Nobel Prize Tomas Tranströmer, refined poet of the Scandinavian landscape and ethos and Vittorio Bodini, the most representative poet of Salento who has captured the restlessness and the complexity of his land. The objective is to bring together, for one day, their poems which give their readers elegant suggestions and vivid images of their countries. The bet is whether, for a day, the distance between two distant lands can be knocked down through resound of their lines.

The event will comprise the following appointments:

At 10. 30 am in the San Francesco della Scarpa Church in Lecce
Sweden meets the Salento
Meeting with prof. Lucio Antonio Giannone, Professor of Contemporary Italian Literature and leading expert of Vittorio Bodini, Antonio Monaco, president of the
Italian Publishers for children and juvenile books, Milena Galeoto, editorial coordinator and Italian referent of Swedish authors, Simone Giorgino, poet, Simone Franco, actor and director, together with Swedish artists, Stina Wirsèn known illustrator and art designer and Håkan Jader, Swedish actor and director who will perform in the evening event.

At 12.00 am
Appointment in Sant'Oronzo Square in Lecce 
to listen Vittorio Bodini and Tomas Tranströmer lines, with the musical arrangement by the musician Milanese Gianluca spread for the occasion from the Carafa Municipality Palace, with  the greeting from the Swedish poet for the Lecce city.

At 7.00 pm
Directed by Simone Franco
In the beautiful scenery of San Francesco della Scarpa Churc in Lecce, Bodini and Tranströmer will be honored by the performance of
Italian and Swedish musicians, actors, painters and poets.
Stina Wirsèn: art designer
Håkan Jader: Actor
Simone Franco: Actor
Simone Giorgino: poet and reader
Orodè Deoro: painter and mosaic artist
Emanuele Coluccia: pianist
Redi Hasa: cellist

(free entrance)

Organization and coordination by Milena Galeoto, info and contact: @

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