Jag mostra d'arte

Bologna Marzo 2013- Atelier Les Libellules

Lecce Aprile 2013 - Ex Conservatorio Sant'Anna

Lecce Maggio 2013 - MUST - Museo Storico di Lecce

"With her drawings she has the rare ability to represent different subjects: from the fashion to the psychology aspects, until the daily and famous characters’ portraits"

- Corriere della Sera - 

"In Jag art exhibition, everybody, Italian and foreign, express a common language: the emotions language, recognizable by their smiles of pleasure involved in a very picturesque route, the end of whichthey came out as if they were illuminated by a new meaning."

- Il Paese Nuovo -

"Jag" represents the way that every child faces, poetically describes the existence within a day, in contact with the elements of nature, through simple symbolic gestures that represent a conscious path."

- Embassy of Sweden -

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